Clique & Club Instructions

​Clique and Club Ratings


There are two .csv files critical to utilizing the C&C tool that you will download once you open the Clique & Club dashboard:

A. Player Roster

B. Match Results

A .csv file looks like an excel file, and in fact, the MS Excel program will probably open these .csv files when you download them from the dashboard.

Steps to using the Clique & Club ratings tool for your group:

1. Open the Dashboard

2. Locate the two files (“Player Roster” and “Match Results”)

3. Click on the Player Roster file and download it

4. After downloading, click ‘Save As’

5. Customize the file names to your group’s info (see below)

6. Save in a location on your computer that you will be able to easily locate them once you have filled it out and are ready to upload

7. Follow steps 3-6 for the Match Results file

A. Player Roster (File is “Player_Roster.csv”)

This is the master list of the players who compete in the events for which the group is seeking player ratings. In other words, include anyone in this document that may play in a match in which there is an expectation that the match result will be processed for the sake of player ratings.

As your group grows, use this file to make ongoing updates to the included players. Keep the file saved, make the necessary player name additions, and resubmit the file.

Required fields:

Column 1:  Last Name, First Name

Column 2:  Rating* (Enter one -- any of the following will work, listed below from most to least ideal)


o USAPA Tournament Rating

o Club (if different from USAPA)

o Self (the least ideal)

Optional fields (see our Privacy Policy):

Column 3: Email address

Column 4: Gender - ‘W’ or ‘M’

Column 5: Date of Birth

* This rating is the entry point for the player into the system. If a player’s initial rating is changed in subsequent roster uploads, it will have a ripple effect through ratings of other players in the group.

B. Match Results (File is “Match_Results.csv”)

This is the file for recording match results.

Required fields:

Column 1 (match winners):  Last Name, First Name/Partner Last Name, Partner First Name

Column 2 (match losers):  Last Name, First Name/Partner Last Name, Partner First Name

The player names in the Match Results files must be entered exactly as they are in the Player Roster file, otherwise you will receive a notification shortly after processing your match results that there are discrepancies that will need to be fixed and the file re-submitted.

Next Steps

Again, save each file as .csv file. 

For example:

- Player Roster - PleasantvilleOH_Players.csv

- Match Results - Pleasantville_Dec10_2017.csv

Please Note:

· At this time, players will have one rating that takes into account his or her match results from all doubles matches.

· Programming is not yet complete for processing singles matches. There is no harm in including singles match results, they will not be processed.

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