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How are the ratings updated?

Once our ratings system is refined, we will process match results daily from every tournament that is managed via the


How does your ratings system work?

Conversion from USAPA ratings: 2.0 = 1000 2.5 = 1250 3.0 = 1500 3.5 = 1750 4.0 = 2000 4.5 = 2250 5.0 = 2500 The system is derived from the Elo ratings system (also used in chess, table tennis, Read More


How can and should these ratings be used?

The most obvious answer to this question is that ratings should be used for the purpose of putting tournaments together. Once a tournament’s registration deadline has passed, the tournament organizers can put together balanced and logical brackets based on the Read More


Who worked on it and what are their credentials?

Brian Hendrickson is the “Ratings Scientist” for In addition to being a 4.5 tennis player who also ran the University of Oregon’s table tennis team, Brian has been writing code and programming for over 20 years.  Brian has also Read More


How is it that I already have a rating?

We worked closely with the fine folks at who have years of historical tournament data that we were able access for the purpose of generating ratings calculations.  If you (or your team) have a current rating on this site, Read More


Why did you create it?

First of all, we created because there was a clear need for an improved ratings system.  Second, we were up to the challenge.  Third, we are in awe at the wonders that pickleball does for creating and fostering community, and we Read More