Club Ratings Launch!  

As part of our mission to provide accurate, objective, and timely ratings for all pickleball players around the world, we are thrilled to announce that our ratings engine is now available for your group to use!  

For the past five months, we've been beta testing our club ratings tool that uses Deep Green (our proprietary ratings engine) for three organizations in N. America (two clubs and one federation). While we have been calling it a "club ratings tool", it is really for any clique, group, league, association, or other collection of players. What value is a ratings tool for any "closed" group? For traditional clubs, the most clearly realized value is having a system that can triangulate a club rating for every player at the club, then use those player ratings to organize intra-club play. Furthermore, if the club opts to continue submitting intra-club data to us for processing, these player ratings will automatically adjust based on match results.  (More info on uses for this tool can be found here).

You can upload your own data.  To do so, click on the link below and register to use the site.  Follow the instructions, then you will be able to first submit your player roster, then match results.  Your data will be added to Deep Green's database and your group's unique page will be created, where the player ratings will populate.  

Click here ´╗┐to get started!