Tournament Ratings

Tournament Ratings (Data from 11/2015 - 1/2017)

A few things to note:

1. You may have to give the page as much as 30 seconds to load. There is a lot of data here, and there are a number of variables (such as the user’s hardware or internet connection) that can make this process seem slow.

2. You can sort each field by clicking on the column title (for example ‘age’ or ‘rating’).

3. You can search by name – just wait until the page has loaded, then use the search box just above the ratings field.

4. The ratings are four digits, but in sync with the current rating system.

5. Lastly, there were two known issues that we did our best to fix (by writing code to recognize these anomalies each time we processed match results) as we were made aware of them:

     a. A player with multiple name entries (“Curt Thomas”, “Curtis Thomas” “Kurt Thomas”, etc.)

     b. Two (or more) players with the same name merged into one player

6. This matter would be solved by players all having unique identifiers that they would use when signing up for tournaments. (This feature made it to the development stage, but we have plans to dust it off shortly).

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