About Us

About Us

Our mission is to render accurate, objective, and timely pickleball player and team ratings from tournament and match results for as many pickleball players around the world as possible.

PickleballRatings.com was created by Kevin Richards and Brian Hendrickson, both residents of the Portland, Oregon metropolitan region. They decided to tackle the Pickleball ratings conundrum after Kevin interviewed, on camera, fellow Columbia River Pickleball Club member Paul Porch about his ideas on moving to a more dynamic and accurate ratings system. While editing that video in early September of 2015, it dawned on Kevin that his friend Brian had the programming expertise to possibly bring this vision to fruition. Over the course of the next five weeks, they went to work on trying to create the system as Paul and another CRPC member (not to mention Pickleball legacy figure) Steve Paranto described it in their respective YouTube videos. They next reached out to Greg Thompson and Melissa McCurley at pickleballtournaments.com and a partnership was struck, which allowed for access to the historical data from past tournaments.  

In the summer of 2016, Brian and Kevin invited Carl Schmits to join the team.  Carl's 35 years of experience across several fields, including operational leadership from his own startup to Fortune 50 companies, systems engineering, high-value sales, marketing, and business development across several sectors of information & communication technologies, has had an immediate impact on our organization.  Since he discovered pickleball a couple years ago, Carl has used his experience as a certified racquetball pro and club general manager to help grow the sport in his local community.

Kevin Richards: Founder & Community Relations, Kevin@pickleballratings.com

Brian Hendrickson: Founder & Ratings Scientist, Brian@pickleballratings.com

General inquiries - info@pickleballratings.com