Clique & Club Ratings

Clique & Club Ratings

The "Clique & Club" ratings tool is for any sized group of pickleballers, regardless how formal or informal. We've tested it for a provincial federation, two large clubs (one on the east coast and one in the midwest), and a league in British Columbia. The most obvious value for intelligent ratings is for organizing play, such as creating correct skill groupings in ladder leagues or for seeding an internal group tournament.

How is this tool updated from the previous version?

  1. After 2.5 years of tinkering and testing the algorithm for Deep Green (the name of our proprietary ratings engine) on both tournament and club (referring to any closed group) ratings, our stress tests and advisory committee confirm that -- when the correct data goes in -- the resulting ratings are "accurate and objective."
  2. The tool is now automated, meaning it is self-service. Once you upload your data files, within 15 minutes your group's customized page will automatically show the updated player ratings.

Many people have asked us what the cost will be for use of this tool.  We are using what is commonly referred to as a "freemium" model - meaning that there is a basic free version and there are two paid levels of service. The difference between these levels depends upon: a) the size of your group; and, b) how many times per year your group wants to upload match data that will cause individual player ratings to change.

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