General Info

Thank you for your interest in the Clique & Club Ratings tool from Let us explain a bit about what this tool is and how it works.

What exactly are “Clique & Club ratings”?

“Clique & Club” (C&C) ratings are essentially for any ‘closed’ group, which can be anything from a small private group to a league to a national association. C&C ratings do not include match results from “open” or public tournaments. All ratings, however, are processed using Deep GreenTM, our proprietary ratings engine software derived primarily from the widely acknowledged benchmark Elo algorithm. C&C ratings are based on the commonly used rating scale, but use four digits instead of two. For example, a player may earn a rating of 4.163 rather than just be assigned a 4.0 rating.

What is the value of the “Clique & Club” rating system?

  1. Say goodbye to rating players using subjective human evaluation.
  2. Ratings are strictly determined by performance against other members of your group.
  3. Removes the need for clubs to create and maintain a separate system to rate members.
  4. Players can track their progress based on real game data.

What are the similarities and differences with the IPTPA club ratings?

We are big proponents of what the IPTPA is doing at the club level. Ideally, a club would bring in the IPTPA to help assess the players to establish a baseline rating and provide some helpful instruction on an individual level. From there, our C&C rating tool can be put to use as players continue to play and improve within their club environment.

Will players have multiple ratings (singles, doubles, mixed)?

Currently, players will have only one rating, which will be informed by all submitted head-to-head match results.

Can you use your club’s historical data?

Yes! Just follow the instructions to get started.

How will we see our group’s ratings?

There are two ways. Shortly after you add new match results then click “update ratings”, you will receive an email with two links:

  1. The first is a link to your group’s dedicated page (with logo and group name, assuming you’ve added those) on our site where each player’s name, number of matches, and player rating will be visible. Each column can be sorted (first name, last name, # of matches, and rating).
  2. The second is a link to a csv file with the same data that populates on your group page, but it is sorted alphabetically by last name.

Will my C&C rating be the same as the rating I would have playing in ‘open’ tournaments?

A rating from a closed group can not be equated with a rating derived from open tournament match results. Because this tool does not allow for cross-pollination with players outside of the group, the ratings should only be used for purposes within the group.

(Things will get interesting when groups in the C&C system have a decent percent of players with: a) IPTPA ratings, and; b) another subset of players who compete regularly in ‘open’ tournaments; and in both cases these are used as the player’s Initial Rating in our C&C system. This would provide a scenario for that group’s C&C player ratings to equate more closely with tournament ratings, meaning that a player’s C&C rating should eventually be close to the rating he or she would achieve via tournaments outside of their private group).

Click the following links for Clique & Club ratings tool version 2.5.1 FAQ, Instructions and Pricing.