What is the cost?

After an initial trial period, a group will have the choice between a free option and two paid options.

Each of the three options is based upon the size of the group of players:

  • less than 100
  • 100 to 299
  • 300 or more

Free: One batch of match result data per ​12 months. For example, you might include two or three months worth of match results data in the batch, and then use the resulting ratings to organize your group’s structured play (tournaments, ladders, etc.) for the year. Keep track of all match results, then upload again when the next annual cycle begins and watch all the ratings change.

Paid Level 1 (​LIMITED): Submit two to ten batches of head-to-head match result data within a twelve month period.

​Paid Level 2: Submit an UNLIMITED number of batches of head-to-head match result data throughout a 12-month period.

How do we pay?

After a free trial period, we will contact you to discuss your options to determine which is best for the needs of your group. We are currently accepting payment via PayPal.

Can we start with the free option and upgrade later if necessary?

Yes! We will monitor your data upload activity to see if and when you are ready to ‘level up’ at which time we will contact you.