Pickleball Ratings

April 15, 2020

We would like to share with the pickleball community that our two-year contract with Pickleball Tournaments to process player ratings for tournaments in the United States is now complete. It was an honor to help launch the first ever algorithm-based ratings system in the game of pickleball, and we appreciate the opportunity and wish everyone involved going forward the best of luck. We are excited to be able to fully shift focus to the projects that haven't received the attention that we can now provide.

Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks, and please stay safe and healthy everyone!

Clique & Club Ratings Tool (version 2.5.1)


We are excited to share that we have just completed a number of improvements to our Clique & Club ratings tool, popular with groups of all sizes across N. America.

Use the navigation menu drop down menu on the top corner of this page to access the information you will need to fully understand this tool and to register or login.

What is the value of the “Clique & Club” rating system?

  1. No more rating players using subjective human evaluation. 
  2. Ratings are strictly determined by performance against other members of your group. 
  3. Removes the need for clubs to create and maintain a separate system to rate members. 
  4. Players can track their progress based on real game data.

All groups will receive a free trial period.  During this trial period, it is our goal to assist you however necessary to ensure you feel comfortable and confident using it.

Clique & Club Spotlight

The Clique & Club tool can be used in a variety of ways. Some clubs use it to seed intra-club tournaments, for example. The most common use, however, is to organize group play based on skill level as determined by a player’s actual match results. From time to time, we will highlight how different groups are using the tool.

Click here to learn how it is used by the Vernon Pickleball Assn.

"This tool is a very fast way to capture our competitive players ranking/rating data with the idea that we can create very competitive and close matches for the players."

10/9/2018 -- The ratings engine behind the official new universal pickleball tournament ratings system in the U.S. (UTPR)